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Bodoplast, whose main service is chrome plating over plastic; has the capability of plastic injection production of the products, which plated by Bodoplast per our clients’ requests. In its’ production area, from 100t to 600t, various injection machines are present.

  • ABS
  • Expert in PC/ABS
  • High quality service
  • Qualified crew on the automotive industry
  • High-tech plastic injection machinery

Bodoplast offers quality decorative products to our clients.

Plating Units

In its’ full-otomated chrome plating line, Bodoplast produces chrome plated decorative parts over ABS or PC/ABS plastic materials.

  • Full otomation
  • Modern plating line
  • Flexible production capability
  • Produces high quality automobile interior and exterior parts in its’ plating line which is the largest plating frame in Turkey (2300x1200 mm) per clients’ expectations.

In the phase of production, from raw material to the finished product, we can monitor the phases of the part.
With the special softwares which complies with ERP control system, Bodoplast can monitor all phases instantly from the raw material to the finished product, including;

  • Barcode control
  • Stock control
  • Fault management
  • Rack cycle time
  • Laboratory tests
In it’s chrome plating line;
  • Metalization of plastics
  • Acid copper
  • Nickel
  • Semi-bright
  • Bright
  • Microporous
  • Microcrack
  • Satin
  • Cr+3
  • Cr+6 platings are made.

Bodoplast obtains a decontamination system, which is integrated with its’ own production plant, and makes environment-friendly production.

Quality Control

We realize the quality control phases in compliance with our clients’ special requests and requirements and record every phase of the production with our prominent monitoring mechanism. We always provide 100% visual quality control to every chrome plated product. Our servicing principles are transparent, and in order to do so, we exhibit all production records of the ordered product to our clients

We meet with our customer’s expectations by producing high quality products and by that, we offer top-tier customer satisfaction.


With our Test Laboratory, which we developed with continuous investments, we are making the analysis of chemical process, product validation, lay-out and performance tests within our company, strengthening our perfect sense of manufacturing by that.

  • Microscope
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Thickness Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Cross-Cut Test
  • CASS Test
  • Thermal Cycle
  • Thermal Shock